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About Clear

About Clear

Our mission at Clear is quite simple - to provide the best carbon offset service anywhere in the world.  Here's how...

1. Our calculators are the most accurate available

The carbon audit tools on our website are based on the most up-to-date understanding of carbon dioxide emissions possible, matching the factors used by the BEIS and the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting. Our methodology document is here.

Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting

We are also the only carbon offset company to offer offsets for motorcycles, scooters, commuting and skydiving.

2. Our carbon offset projects are the very highest grade

We use the highest grade of carbon offsets available - Certified Emission Reduction certificates (CERs) from the Clean Development Mechanism.  Like our online calculators, these are also fully accredited with the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting.

3. Clear is efficient and trades ethically

Clear is extremely efficient, with no wage bill and carefully minimised overheads.   Our environmental policy also helps to decrease costs for our customers. Our prices are therefore very competitive, and we can usually negotiate discount for large volume sales.

4. Our website is one of the best world-wide

Our AJAX-coded website offers several unusual features, like multiple flight input, choice of radiative factor, and the ability to store your own information or create your own carbon footprint webpage.

We also support six different currencies - GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, JPY and AUD! You can select your own currency by clicking on your own flag at the foot of each page.

Six different currency flags

5. We listen to people

Clear prides itself as a flexible, forward-thinking organisation.  The ideas for several of our products came from people we work with, a good example being our skydiving product.

People we work with

If there’s anything you’d like to see or change about the service we offer, we we'd like to know.  You can contact us here.