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Carbon Offsetting Myths

Carbon Offsetting MythsThe internet is awash with different opinions about carbon offsetting and climate change. Some are well researched and useful, others ill-informed nonsense. Below you'll find a list of useful links to help you understand more and dispel some of the more common `Carbon Offset and Climate Change Myths'

"This climate change is just a hypothesis and not really scientifically proven anyway"
The Royal Society Summarises the Science Behind Global Warming

"Companies that buy offsets are just buying their way out of their obligations" (and other carbon offsetting conspiracy theories!)
The Huffington Post Debunks Eight Myths about Carbon Offsetting

"The climate is always changing; its natural!" (and other climate change conspiracy theories!)
Climate Nexus Debunks Top Ten Climate Change Myths
Skeptical Science Debunks Global Warming and Climate Change Myths

"Offsetting is just for lazy people to avoid doing their bit to actually reduce their own footprint" (and other misreprentations on the motives of carbon offset buyers!)
One Carbon Offset Company Summarises their Customers Behaviour towards the Environment

In summary, zero emissions is not a currently achievable target and carbon offsets are the ONLY way to take responsibility for residual carbon emissions after you've reduced as much as possible. Just make sure they are of high quality and audited according to a respected environmental standard such as the Quality Assurance Standard.