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Carbon offset your Carbon Footprint

1. Measure, reduce, offset

Measure, Reduce, Offset

Climate change is a challenge facing every one of us. Our responsibility starts with measuring our harmful emissions, or carbon footprint. There's lots of advice available on how to reduce our footprint, but inevitably there's always some emissions left. That's where a carbon offset can help.

2. What is a carbon offset?

What is offsetting?

A good carbon offset compensates for your harmful footprint by paying for a project to reduce the equivalent emissions somewhere else, for example replacing a coal-fire electricity plant with wind turbines. Because emissions are dispersed throughout the atmosphere, this compensates for the carbon footprint you weren't able to reduce.

3. How can I be sure about my carbon offset?

How can I be sure?

Some carbon offset providers fail to meet the stringent standards expected by businesses and consumers.

4. Clear's approach

Clear's approach

Clear is different. We only use the highest quality projects which meet standards such as Certified Emission Reduction certificates (CERs) and Gold Standard VERs. Offsets purchased through our downloadable Carbon Audit Tool are approved by the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting. This ensures that every kilogram of carbon offset purchased is actually achieved.

5. Finally!

Clear also provides a more enjoyable carbon offset experience. You can save your carbon footprint on our website, and create your own webpage to share with your friends.

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