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To calculate emissions from your car

1. Select your vehicle

Select your Manufacturer, Vehicle and Model using the drop down lists. If you do not know any of this information, select "unknown" from the list.

2. Enter mileage information

The average driver in the UK completes about 10,000 miles per year.

A low level user who uses their car as a run around might drive approx 6,000 miles a year, whilst a businessman who completes a lot of miles for work might drive 20,000 miles a year.

3. Tell us how long you've owned the car for

Use the calendar to enter the date you've owned the car since. This allows us to calculate how much Carbon your vehicle has produced since you've owned it.

4. Enter your registration number

You need to tell us you're registration so we can send you a personalised tax disc for the vehicle when you offset your emissions.

That's it! Hit "Calculate your emissions" to find out how much carbon's produced

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