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To calculate emissions from your home

1. Choose the sort of residence you live in

This can be anything - from a studio flat to a 5 bedroom house.

2. Tell us how long you've lived there

Click the text box to launch the calendar and enter the date you moved in

3. Enter the number of people that live there with you permanently

We need to know this to calculate the full emissions produced by your household.

4. Tell us how much energy you use

If you don't know the annual electricity usage in KW (kilowatts) then put roughly how much your bills are a year. If you pay monthly then multiply your last bill by 12. This will give us a rough figure, though people can use more electricity in the winter than in the summer.

If you don't use gas then you can leave this section blank. If you're not sure of the KW (kilowatts) you use annually, take your last monthly bill and multiply it by 12. Again, this will be an approximation, especially if you have gas central heating.

If you don't use oil, you can leave this blank.

If you don't use coal in your household, you can leave this blank.

LPG is Liquid Petroleum Gas. If you don't use this in your household, leave this blank.

If you don't burn wood for fuel, you can leave this blank.

That's it! Hit "Calculate your emissions" to find out how much carbon's produced

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If your browser does not support javascript, you should upgrade it. If that's not possible, then please get in touch