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The Team

Bruce Elliott, Director

Bruce elliottBruce's interest in the environment began during his student days when he began making regular contributions to Greenpeace. However it took a career change in 2005 to find the time to get more seriously involved.

It was round this time that Bruce began to realise that regulated markets could be a far more effective way to incentivise climate change reversal than the traditional method of giving to charities. Combined with campaigns to reduce carbon-hungry lifestyles, markets set up by the United Nations were paving the way for huge reductions in global emissions on a hitherto-unseen scale. Clear was founded to bridge the gap between these global markets and ordinary members of the public, allowing them to fund additional emissions reductions beyond those achieved in their own lives.

Bruce draws from experience as Chairman at Revolution Digital, Clinical Director at BUPA, and thirteen years as a surgeon with the NHS. In his spare time he enjoys sailing and playing the piano like Les Dawson.

Ben Hedley, Director

Ben HedleyBen was involved at Clear from an early stage. His background in engineering and thermodynamics proved invaluable in the design of the carbon footprint calculators that power Clear's website. Many of the facts and advice on the website come from his own research.  He blogs quite a lot about it here.

Ben has considerable experience through a variety of roles prior to Clear. These include Head of Sales and Marketing at Outcome Technologies, a BUPA subsidiary, and Head of UK Pricing at DHL. He began his career in the strategy team at Mercer Management Consulting. Ben lives in South London; he skis, sails and surfs when he gets the time.