Offset My Business

Clear offers two options for your business. Download our free QAS-Certified Offline Audit Tool, or offset online using our nine new carbon offset products. All use the most up-to-date emissions factors world-wide.


Our Carbon Offsets for Business make it quick and efficient to take responsibility for the emissions caused by your business over any time period you choose. Clear has developed products for Business Flights, Business Hotel Stays, Buildings and Offices, Staff Commuting, Business Vehicles, Business Fuel, Air Freight, Sea Freight and even Skydive Events. To offset your business now, choose the carbon offsets you need, fill out the details online and add to your cart. Your emissions are covered as soon as you checkout. Please contact us if you would like a pdf certificate, or coming soon you will be able to do this automatically online.

Or if you would prefer to work on your calculations offline, you can download our QAS-Certified Carbon Audit Tool and email us when it’s complete. The tool will allow you to self-certify, much the same way small to medium-sized companies file tax returns without requiring an auditor. This allows your business to avoid expensive and unnecessary consultancy and audit fees that many other carbon offset providers charge.

Organisations who reduce their carbon footprints then offset the rest with Clear can use our QAS-Certified Carbon Neutral Activity Mark on their websites and marketing materials. For tips on how to reduce your emissions before carbon offset, cut costs and help the environment, click here.